Rose Bakery

Scone and Tea

Most of the shops in the New York location of Dover Street Market is out of my price range but at least Rose Bakery is affordable. Though I prefer the menu of the London bakery, there were a few interesting British-influenced options here as well. What I really wanted to try is the Cream Tea but I was several hours too early for that so I simply ordered a scone and a pot of English Breakfast for a very light lunch.

Of the two varieties available, I settled on the maple scone (the other was hazelnut) with butter and apple butter. I prefer the traditional cream and jam accompaniment but the apple butter was very flavorful and tasty in its own right. According to the menu, clotted cream and jam is served with the afternoon Cream Tea so perhaps I will have to return one late afternoon to try it.

Overall, I think I would have far more enjoyed the fare if all the tables weren’t cramped together; on the ground level, the bakery space isn’t very large so it’s a tight squeeze whether one is sitting down or moving around. There is an upstairs sitting area but I did not learn of it until much later; I would have gladly walked up for a bit more elbow room. The one nice thing that did happen was that I ended up getting a free overview of the Market and its history from a woman who sat across from me. She works for Commes des Garçons—the company that runs Dover Street Market—and couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between three guys sitting around me as they were trying to learn more about the Market via their smartphones and so offered up a nice verbal guided tour of the place.