Tamago sandwich

On Saturday, I had a sudden craving for an egg sandwich for lunch. Not the typical bacon and eggs on a roll but something a bit different. So it was off to Hi-Collar I went.

On my first visit many months ago, I wanted to try their pork katsu sandwich but it was sold out and I ended up ordering the Tamago sandwich instead. The menu describes it simply as an Osaka-style omelette and cucumber sandwich and it looks exactly that, with a mound of fluffy egg nestled between slices of soft, buttered bread. But just one bite of it conjures memories of childhood, sitting in a Chinese cha chaan teng and eating a Western-style breakfast. There’s a bit of horseradish (of which I’m not really a fan) in the sandwich which can taste too sharp at times but I can quickly wash away the aftertaste with a cup of perfectly brewed (via a small hourglass timer) tea.

A “salad” is served on the side: diced peaches swimming in slightly thickened evaporated milk. It’s one of the my favorite parts of the dish because it is exactly something I would find in Chinese restaurants years ago, usually as a topping (fruit cocktail from a can and a splash of evaporated milk) to a bowl of cold almond tofu. To me, it was more of a dessert, something I saved to finish my meal with.