Sweet Treat: Strawberry Spring Cake

When I was at Takahachi Bakery, I only meant to pick up a birthday cake but something else caught my eye. This mini strawberry spring cake has everything I love: strawberries, cake and whipped cream. An added treat was the strawberry custard filling inside. I’m glad it wasn’t frosted on the outside; it’s sweet enough… Continue Reading

Cornelia Street Café

A warm weekend (finally!) means finding any excuse to head out earlier than usual. So on Sunday, I met up with a friend for brunch (more like breakfast since it was 10:30am) at Cornelia Street Café. It’s one of those places I’ve walked by every once in a while in the West Village but never… Continue Reading


It seems as if I’ve been working my way through all the wonderful Japanese bakeries and cafés in the city lately. Matsunosuke is the latest one to open, a Japanese chain opening its first Stateside location. It specializes in pies but so far, all I’ve had has been their chocolate offerings. On my first visit… Continue Reading


On Saturday, I had a sudden craving for an egg sandwich for lunch. Not the typical bacon and eggs on a roll but something a bit different. So it was off to Hi-Collar I went. On my first visit many months ago, I wanted to try their pork katsu sandwich but it was sold out… Continue Reading


There’s nothing like a hearty meal to help get through these cold winter days. I met up with a friend for brunch at Whitehall and we ate very well: she had the avocado toast with poached eggs while I chose the English fry-up. We both ordered rashers of bacon and I added black pudding to… Continue Reading