A Clean Slate

Cake and Tea

After a nearly six-month hiatus, I’m finally dipping my toes back into the world of blogging. Life has begun to slow down enough this past week that I could finally turn my attention on the blog; the last few months have been brutal and busy, not necessarily in a bad way but just enough to set aside most of my personal hobbies in order to get the important things done.

So this year will start with a fresh blog. Fresh, but not new since I was quietly posting here in addition to my old blog; this was initially an sandbox where I could experiment with WordPress to see if I could truly get used to the templating system and interface. Now that I’ve reached a point where I’m more comfortable with it, it’s time to retire all the old out-of-date content on both sites and start anew.

Wish me luck in trying to post on a more regular schedule this year.